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Save money and time by letting us plan, deliver and host, your child’s next birthday party.

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A One Of A Kind Completly Personalized experience

No Generic Cookie Cutter Birthday Parties

Don't Compare Apples To Oranges

Our Mobile VIP Suite
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To Offer A One Of A Kind, Completely Personalized Birthday Experience, By Handling All Of The Planning, Hosting & Celebrating Of The Guest of Honor

Hosting & Playing Video Games

A LIVE Video Feed Of Your Party Is Streamed Into Your Home And Viewed On Your T.V. Plus All Employees Are CPR/First Aid Certified And Criminally Background Checked.


6 to 8 Hours Behind The Scenes Are Spent Designing And Personalizing Your Child’s Party. With Over 100 Possible Party Combinations From Our Growing List Of Add-On’s

Personalized Entrance:

Every Person Is Treated Like A Celebrity With A Red Carpet & Velvet Rope  Entrance. In Addition We Create A Personalized Music Video, Starring The Guest Of Honor.

Eating & Drinking:

You Can Eat Cake, Ice Cream, Pizza, Wings, Popcorn, Candy & Drink Soda’s & Juice On The Inside Of Our VIP Suite. PLUS We Will Serve The Food to You And Cleanup Afterwards.

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Unique Birthday Video:

We Sing A Special Birthday Song And Create A Unique And Personal Video For The Guest Of Honor. Even Parents And Family Can Submit A Special Video Message to Be Played In Front Of Everyone.

Personal RSVP Page:

Each Guest Of Honor Receives Their Very Own Personalized RSVP Page To Invite Guests. PLUS We Manage All RSVP’s As They Come In, And Send Thank You For Attending Messages.


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Learn Why We Don't Want To Be Called a Game Truck

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Design Birthday Party With Us

Gamer vs. Gamer Price list. Includes a free video game with every party package

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30 Minute Add-On


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See if our Mobile VIP Suite is right for you and your family.

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No Kids No Cleaning Up No Worries

NO Organizing Planning Cleaning

Gamer vs. Gamer's girl parties are more fun than the boys